Saturday, October 2, 2010

flickr faves friday. on saturday.

I'm playing along with Amanda at Here Comes the Sun, with her Flickr Faves Friday. It's Saturday. I know. But The Girl is home from college this week and we went shopping and to dinner and to more shopping. And I just didn't get to this yesterday.

Here are some of my favorites from this week...(click on photos for source)

One Day I Slowly Floated Away

(photo by doyoumissmetoo)

Escape to my own world

(photo by celeste photography)

(photo by beehives)


(photo by capslockreverse)

golden fields

(photo by dan65)


  1. The second one reminds me of being a kid and all those times I raided the cupboards for sheets and blankets to make a little hideaway. I miss doing that! (haha, oh dear, maybe I might just have to do it again one day, and revisit my childhood)
    The fourth one is especially beautiful too.

  2. ahh, i know. i made lots of sheet forts as a child, but i never twinkle-lighted them!