Monday, October 25, 2010

indian summer

Indian Summer 3

by joel chavez

Indian Summer.

By levi mcdonald


by mary robinson

Today was the perfect Indian Summer day...low 70s, grey-blue sky w golden sun set against blazing foliage...that sort of balminess in the air you only feel this time of year. I tried to get home from work early enough to get the dog to the park before it got dark, but....sigh. Maybe tomorrow. It's supposed to be nice again.

In the meantime, how amazing does this recipe look??  White Chocolate Mousse & Nutella Tarts. Okay, Nutella, right? What is up with that? It's been around for ages, all of a sudden it's All The Rage. I've had two nutella things out in the past month - a Nutella & Pear croissant (YUM), and a Nutella, Banana, and...ooh, I can't remember what the third thing was...Croque Monsieur (sorta like a breakfast panini or grilled cheese). Have you ever had nutella out??

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