Friday, October 23, 2009

the return of moi

aOh, what a long, strange trip it's been!

I have been awol from blogging for what seems like F.O.R.E.V.E.R! What really happened is that I sold my home of 14 years and moved from the suburbs to the city. Well, Brooklyn - which, to a life-long suburb gal, is LIKE the city. The move itself was fraught w difficulties and disappointments - the beautiful, large, spacious apartment I first moved into turned out to be A Big Mistake, as when the landlady learned (within 24 hours of me moving in - me and my HUNDREDS of boxes) that I had two cats (as the REALTOR assured me was not an issue), she informed me I needed to GET OUT. In a WEEK. Anyone who has ever tried to find a nice, affordable, safe apartment in a desirable location, that allows a 50-lb dog and two cats, knows that a timeframe of a WEEK is CRAZY. But, with the help of a good friend from work, I managed to land in a soft place. Not what I had envisioned my new home to be like, BUT there's a yard for the dog, and the landlords are like the sweetest people on earth, and after my brief encounter w Landlord #1, that's A Good Thing.

So, I'm still settling into my new space and location...and it's quite a challenge trying to fit stuff from a 1300 sqft house w a full basement, outdoor shed, covered front porch, etc etc...into about a 500sqft apt with one closet. So I haven't gotten too far. I'm certainly not set-up yet to do any photo shoots - I haven't even unearthed all my inventory yet! But I'm getting antsy and missing taking pictures and know I will be up and ready SOON. Thought I'd just share some seasonal photos I took last fall...

til next time (and it won't be so long, i promise!)

xoxo, bettye