Thursday, August 13, 2009

I love a photo shoot....

and this is so dreamy and sort of haunting...

behind-the-scenes video

and love the cat power song...

photos from, an online shop
with trendy elegant chic pieces...and a new blog

xoxo bettye <- a little too addicted to blog

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

a little apartment browsing....

....not BUYING, just...browsing. dreaming. coveting.

I saw this today...

sigh. that is GORGEOUS. look at those two french doors that open onto the
little juliet (read: FAKE) balcony! so charming! of course, I'd need a big
screen mucking it up to keep the cats from diving to their deaths below, but...

i love the built-on furniture pieces that hide the radiators...

and look at these windows...


I love a big window. I'm a sucker for a big window. I will put up with a lot of
other crap to have A Big Window. A window you can stand in. I dream of taking
pictures of people standing in My Big Window.

Now, in reality, I could actually conceivably HAVE something like THIS...

It's in my price range, near Prospect Park, says "cats okay purr, dogs okay
woof," and I have two purrs and a woof. It has respectably-sized windows. You
couldn't STAND in them, but someone with a skinny butt could fit one cheek on
the sill, I think, and SIT in the window. I like the decorative moldings on the
wall, the rooms are nicely-shaped, and the bathroom is pleasant, with an
original vintage (read: deep and ceramic) tub. I think I will inquire.

Someday I will have bigger windows. For now I just need to find somewhere
safe and cute that will take me and my two purrs and woof.

xoxo Bettye


Sunday, August 2, 2009

shop update!

so many things have been going on around here,
it's been a little while since I've added all new items to the shop...but here's
a whole new lot of lovely vintage items for you! we're just about finishing up
our spring/summer stock, and will be starting to show fall items in just a
couple weeks (can you imagine??).

and for any of you local ladies, we're going to be having an in-home SALE on
August 15th - of vintage and contemporary clothing, STUFF, books, STUFF, small
furniture, and STUFF! yep, it looks like Dragonfly is finally going to be MOVING
TO BROOKLYN!!! (there should be a special font for things that are SUPER
EXCITING - like it could vibrate or something). As we start getting nearer the
date and I have things organized a bit, I'll post some photos so we can see what
we've got...maybe it's worth a trip...??

but i digress. back to the shop update! this first batch went up last night, the
second batch will be going up tonight, so stay tuned to
Vintage Clothing


these next items will be posted
by midnight (est) tonight....