Tuesday, August 4, 2009

a little apartment browsing....

....not BUYING, just...browsing. dreaming. coveting.

I saw this today...


sigh. that is GORGEOUS. look at those two french doors that open onto the
little juliet (read: FAKE) balcony! so charming! of course, I'd need a big
screen mucking it up to keep the cats from diving to their deaths below, but...

i love the built-on furniture pieces that hide the radiators...

and look at these windows...



I love a big window. I'm a sucker for a big window. I will put up with a lot of
other crap to have A Big Window. A window you can stand in. I dream of taking
pictures of people standing in My Big Window.

Now, in reality, I could actually conceivably HAVE something like THIS...


It's in my price range, near Prospect Park, says "cats okay purr, dogs okay
woof," and I have two purrs and a woof. It has respectably-sized windows. You
couldn't STAND in them, but someone with a skinny butt could fit one cheek on
the sill, I think, and SIT in the window. I like the decorative moldings on the
wall, the rooms are nicely-shaped, and the bathroom is pleasant, with an
original vintage (read: deep and ceramic) tub. I think I will inquire.

Someday I will have bigger windows. For now I just need to find somewhere
safe and cute that will take me and my two purrs and woof.

xoxo Bettye



  1. Very pretty Bettye! I'm sure you, the purrs & the woof will find somewhere just right for you soon!


  2. Bettye you have such excellent taste! I love this blog!