Monday, September 27, 2010

i'm in a funk

Trapped II

(photo by Li Gao)

it's a rainy day. it's getting dark too early. 

and i'm in a funk.

my sister is Suzy Sunshine. not. I'm not one to always look on "the bright side." I look at both sides...and strongly feel that every good has a bad, every up has a get the picture. just somehow the dark down sides resonate more strongly with me. I don't know why. but right now I'm feeling very...sort of...unsuccessful with my life. 

let's not even talk about relationships (sigh), I'm more focused on work. I've always had an entrepreneurial nature. I've started one business after another - from sidewalk book-and-toy stands as a child to giving riding lessons, starting a gardening newsletter, doing wedding flowers, then selling on ebay. always trying to find the way that I can work for ME, and not for someone else. And it gets very frustrating to have a good idea, a good product, talent in an area...and still...just not quite be able to get it off the ground and be successful.

there's something that some people have that enables them to cross that line. the line to success. lately I'm feeling I may never know what that "something" is. and yet...I can't just give up. ugh. 

i'm just in a funk. ignore me. 


  1. Aaaaaack, not you, too! It must be something in the air. Has to be the insanity of that waning full moon in the sky right across from the rising sun. Day and night colliding. It scares me. Feel better soon and send some of your rain our way. No rain here for over a month. Blessings!!

  2. oh, ha, yeah, me too! I'm feeling better today. It's still raining here and I just saw we have a severe weather warning and a tornado watch. woohoo!

    I do love me some fierce weather!