Tuesday, September 28, 2010

and on the bright side....

and on the *bright* side, I finally got a little photo shoot put together this past weekend, and a really darling model, Justine, was kind of enough to traipse and spin around the woods for me. I was going for sort of a dreamy soft focus flowy end of summer feel. I was a little disappointed in myself - we were shooting late in the day in the woods on an overcast day...and I failed to remember some key guidelines about shooting in low light and ended up with a LOT of really blurry shots. For this sort of theme I do like a soft focus, but some of them were just plain BLURRY! I always feel so bad when I botch a shoot because the models are doing it for pictures for their portfolios, and when they spend a couple hours of their time and don't end up with that many good pictures......eek. I feel really bad. we also did some street style shots back on my street but I didn't get to edit them yet.

so tonight I've been mopping up my apartment from a flood! apparently the upstairs neighbor was cleaning...something...and knocked over what HE says was a 5-gallon bucket of water, but...my daughter had a 5-gallon fish tank for a couple years and this seemed like a LOT more than 5 gallons of water! I've got shoes and clothes and hats and my daughter's artwork hanging up all over the place to dry, as every box (I'm still not done unpacking!) that was on the floor was SOAKED. and THEN I'm getting ready for an ebay catalog shoot tomorrow night...so I have miles to go before I sleep, and mucho work to do! was nice to have a good excuse to sit down for a couple minutes and post this...


  1. Lovely photos! Does sort of have the end of summer, blurry hazey feel. I know! That's one of the most stressful things about photography: when you're working with a real model/makeup & hairstylist/etc the pictures have to come out good!

  2. These are pretty! A model can only use one shot from a look in her book.