Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall Resolutions

 skywatch 10.17.08
(photo by me)

Happy Fall.

I love fall. The air crisps up and cools down...foliage turns fiery bright...cozy knits get pulled out of storage...the holidays are before us.

And it's time for Fall Resolutions. I decided this year that from now on I would make seasonal resolutions instead of annual. I think it's working much better. I've already been through *drink more (ha), *wear more jewelry, *wear more dresses (fail), and *read more. I've done pretty
well except for the dresses (or skirts). I just couldn't bring myself to show these legs in public. But fall brings BOOTS, so I may give that one another go.

But my Fall 2010 resolutions are:

1) Be better about blogging. And look, I actually had a schedule for this week (!),

which I did fall off of a bit due to the return of the pesky kidney stones, but I'm right back to it w some tweaking of the schedule...


2) Do more photo shoots! Several other bloggers have inspired me with their amazing photo shoots lately and I've just got to make the time to do more shooting...isn't it funny how sometimes we so want to do *nothing* that we don't even want to do the things we love??

Here's a photo from a photo shoot just about this time last year (in keeping with the fall theme)

 SB 2B

Does anyone else have any Fall Resolutions they'd like to share??

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