Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I just saw this little video today, behind-the-scenes of the Alexa Chung/Madewell collaboration photo shoot.

click on photo above to go to video.

to see the Alexa Chung Madewell Fall collection, click photo above.

who doesn't love a behind-the-scenes video??

And something I used to do that I stopped...was each day think of what the best and worst parts of the day I think I'll start doing them again here...and would love to hear what yours are, too.

Best Part of My Day: Caleb catching the frisbee mid-air! Doesn't sound like much...but a few years ago he had a scary bad bout with Lyme Disease...I didn't think he was going to LIVE, let alone run and jump again...he eventually recovered...mostly...but has never *really* been the same...and also being older now (he's 7)...well, was such fun to see him leap into the air to catch the frisbee today! I think it makes him happy, too.

Worst Part of My Day: Wednesday is Half-Off Day at the Salvation Army, so if I'm off work, I always make a whole day of it, driving from Brooklyn to Riverhead (way out east on Long Island) and back again. I did this today, went to eight stores. Got SIX things. six. SIX. That's just SAD. The thrifts are def not what they used to be  :-(


  1. I'm so glad Caleb had a great day with you!!

    My best thing was Rich bringing me supper in bed :)

    The worst is I can't find the little glass drawer knobs that I had my hands on Monday afternoon.

  2. yay dinner in bed! i miss having someone to bring it to me :-) rich is a keeper!

    urgh, don't you hate misplacing things??

  3. Your struggle and victory with Caleb had me half crazy, right along with you. I'll never forget that!! Wish I could go thrifting with you!

  4. So glad Caleb had a good time (you too btw)

  5. Yay for Caleb! Boo-hiss for the thrifts. Sounds like you're shopping my area.