Monday, November 1, 2010

the morning after....


photo by me

can you believe it's November already? I saw Christmas lights up over Broadway in Williamsburg yesterday morning. that's crazy.

just a couple weeks til Thanksgiving. the holidays have become sort of discombobulated for me, divorced, daughter at college...when she comes home she has to make choices where to go...and the ex usually wins because he has more family nearby. all my family is far away. so it's just weird. i don't mind being alone on Thanksgiving - it's one of those nice days to just stay home and be quiet, knowing everyone else is working their butts off in the kitchen. i just miss "the old days" when Katie would be home with me, and we'd make fancy breakfast of fruit crepes and real hot chocolate, then stay in our nightgowns all day and watch parades and movies. no work, no interruptions. it's one of the few days in the year that I give myself permission to totally not work. I'm not sure yet what this year will bring.

i'm having sale in the shop this week - 20% off all fixed price items. I really need to make room for more new fall/winter stuff, so the stuffs has got to go. take a look...Dragonfly Vintage Clothing


  1. That's a brilliant photograph, I love it.

    I know what you mean about wanting to keep things are they were... I just recently moved out and I really miss the traditional stuff! x

  2. well, just this morning I sent my daughter a pleading email...saying her father and his side of the family get her for ALL the other holidays, she's even away at school on her birthday and my ONE holiday request for the year is THANKSGIVING. and i got it. yay. now i hope my oven gets fixed in time cuz she wants turkey (usually we just have breakfast and cookies!). Is this your first thanksgiving away from home?