Saturday, November 13, 2010

a little time off

I didn't have to work on Veteran's Day...and aside from remembering and honoring all the soldiers past and present who have fought and given their lives for this country...I had a "fun for the dog" day...

He's never said so, but *I* feel he's had to make a big adjustment when I sold the house on Long Island and moved to an apartment in Brooklyn. I'm home a little less, we have less access to outdoor I really make an effort to take him places and spend time with him. This is one of my favorite spots back on Long Island - he can run and jump and chase stuff....and I can take pictures. It was an astoundingly beautiful day - just cool enough with strong sun and the most amazing aqua blue sky.

It was the perfect way to spend a little time off.


  1. doggie! :) These photos are iinnncccrreeddiiibbblllllleeee.


  2. aww, thanks. my handsome boy makes a good model :-)

  3. I just love the photo of your dog with the "be prepared" sign. The de-saturation and him just hanging out there makes me feel like I am relaxing out in the country.

  4. Thanks, Hazel! It's part of a scouting campground, there are a lot of cool photo-opp spots - however, it seems my dog can work around my schedule better than the models can!