Friday, November 19, 2010

blast from the past...

Remember this song?? It came out in the mid-60s...I can remember me and my
cousins begging my aunt and uncle to drive us up and down Hollywood Boulevard
and Sunset Strip the summer it was out on the radio to look for "hippies." hee
hee. We would literally point and collapse into hysterics in the back seat when
we saw a group of long-hairs with their peace beads and suede fringed vests and
striped bellbottoms.

Now I wish I'd been one of them.

Do you ever wish you'd done something really differently in your past?


  1. I do just wish I live further in the past . . . to experience the height of the 60's and 70's, teh world's finest and most colourful culture!!!

  2. yeah, I definitely feel that there is a "global sameness" going on, everything approaching one central point of commonality. I think it's important to maintain an independent nature and viewpoint and to promote that to those around us, especially our children...

    listen to me, miss know-it-all!

  3. We did the hippie thing although we were on the tale end of it in the early 1970's. We had an orange VW van with a sun painted on the side and a bed in the back and tie-dyed purple curtains that I sewed. We lived on the beach in Florida and worked at McDonalds ($2 per hour)and restaurants on the boardwalk. We lived in an ancient old hotel in St. Augustine right on the beach for pennies with some colorful characters. There was a deaf school there and some tenants were actors, too, because there was an outdoor theater. Can you see us smoking doobies with deaf actors? It was a HOOT! (Well, what I remember of it!) I'm sure the place has been torn down for expensive condos by now. Oh, the memories! I really need to work on my memoir. The 70's were wild.

    Great song! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.



  4. Oh, Marion, that sounds FANTASTIC to me! I just wish I'd been Ha. Tried more things, blown off more things...

    Do you have pictures from that time??


  5. I have very few pics of the beach time as we were too poor to have a camera. We didn't even have a car. We had two used bicycles! (Oh, the fearlessness of youth!) We took a bus from Louisiana to Florida, then found a place to live and work when we got there. My sister did visit and took some movies. Thankfully, she had them put on DVD's for us. I'll have to see about getting some pics off of them.

    As George Eliot said, "It's never too late to be who you might have been." Go for it, Bettye!!