Monday, January 11, 2010

monday mosaics ~ thoughts of summer

Following in the tradition of The Drifter & The Gypsy, I am doing a "Monday Mosaic" again this week...thanks to Micaela for such a great idea!

it's been so cold...and normally I'm not one to wish for winter to hurry up and end, but this year...yeah...a little bit...I'm thinking of warmer days ahead and the joys of summer...barefeet and sunny highlights and carefree afternoons...sitting on a bench by the harbor watching the sunset...mmmmmmm

What are *you* looking forward to this summer??


  1. beautiful photos Miss B!
    I am looking forward to spending more time relaxing and having fun outside, in my garden on the beach, riding my bike. Any activity where I don't have to bundle up in heavy outerwear is always nice!

  2. you reminded me I think I want to get a bike! using the car for short trips here is really a drag, with having to find a parking space every time...but I want to be able to go further than I would reasonably walk. and I'm looking forward to cute-ifying my new little backyard! ahh...spring, hurry up! earmuffs and scarves, begone!

  3. Thank you for you comment on my fashion blog - it gave a smile!

    What an ingenious idea to think about warmer days in the middle of the howling winds... I'm looking forward to my trip to NY and Florida;)

  4. It is 82 degrees in Orange County, California today. I just got back from running errands with the top down on my car!
    You never know what season it is here...
    The last time I saw snow was 2005...on a visit to Central Park!

  5. "I just got back from running errands with the top down on my car!" Ahh, Julie, that sounds delightful!

    I used to spend many winter holidays with my family in Pasadena and Hancock Park, so know what a delight SoCal is in the winter time...

    Susu: hope you have a great trip to the states - when are you planning to be here?

  6. Hey, LOVE that you're jumping on the Monday Mosaics bandwagon, but can you please link to my blog/somehow mention me as I am the creator of this series?


  7. Micaela, of course! I went to your site to post it there like I thought I was supposed to do, but you didn't do a Monday Mosaic today! Will update mine though to reflect that you're the creator! Sorry, didn't mean to step on toes.