Sunday, January 24, 2010

four things i love this week...

This week inadvertently sort of turned into Girl Power Week!
My favorite thing this week is these four amazingly talented, creative, and artistic



All She Talks About
from Kirsten Spruch on Vimeo.

She's 13!



Carly Paige is 12! Click on image to see video of her song
"Just Imagine: A Beatles Tribute"

3. Chrissie White, 16-year-old photographer. I think her
photography has a maturity beyond her years. Some of her very staged work has an
almost Tim Walker quality about it.


click on image to visit her website, or see her work at

4. Olivia Bee, high school student, photographer
extraordinaire. I love looking through her flickr pool cuz it ranges from "hey,
i'm just a crazy high school kid doing high school kid stuff" to really serious,
emotional, planned out photographs.


click on image to see her flickr pool

Seriously. When I was their age (I feel so old when I say
things like that!), I had nothing on my mind beyond
horsesboyshorsesboyshorsesboys. I really admire people who have a passion from
an early age and really focus on it and hone their craft.


  1. wonderful photos .. talented beautiful young woman . .you've every reason to be proud .. and thank you for offering to spread the word to find Latiah's owners.

  2. The pics are wonderful! Young talented gals, let's hope that they'll go far... following their passions, like we all can and should do!

    To my utmost delight I realized that you had linked to my fashion blog, and I did the same four you;)

    Have a great week - fashion kisses from Paris!