Sunday, January 1, 2012

Looking back...and looking ahead...

Those who know me, know I Am All About the New Year's Resolution. I know what mine will be, but I just had a fun thought about monthly resolutions. A Resolution BOX. Write a bunch of things you'd like to do on scraps of paper..."buy myself flowers," "invite someone new to do something," "paint toenails a funky color" etc. Make a BUNCH. Put them in a little box or pouch...and on the first of each month, pull one out and spend that month focusing on getting at least that one thing done.

It's so easy when life is swirling around you to forget to do nice things for yourself. This is just a friendly little reminder...

That's a little bit of looking ahead...and for a look back, these are some of my favorite photos from 2011...


I'm excited and a little terrified....I just started a 365-day Photo Challenge thingie in flickr...I hope I can see it through!


  1. The resolution box is such a fun idea! I'd like to attempt a 365 too.

  2. I'm doing mine through Project 365 on flickr -> but there's lots of similar groups.


  3. You can do it! I started one on my Blogger blog yesterday. Two down, 363 to go! :)

  4. "Two down, 363 to go!" Well, it *is* a leap year, so there's an extra day :-) 364 to go!

    Good to see you, Jai!