Sunday, July 29, 2012

i blog every day..... my mind. 

all through my day i have moments and I think "ooh, this is fun/scary/interesting/unusual/sweet, etc" and in my mind I "write" a blog. but. then life gets in the way. work, commute, friends, dog, reading, learning, etc. all stuff I *want* to do, don't get me wrong. but i want to do this, TOO. my hat is off to those who write's really a big commitment. i won't say I've failed. i just haven't succeeded yet.

the good news is i haven't gotten to the finish line yet. there's still at least one more chance to really dig in and give it a go.

so here i go.

didn't leave the property today. didn't put on a bra or brush my teeth. i was in sorta cleaning sorta organizing mode. put out a couple boxes of free stuff on the sidewalk. cleared out one bookcase. one bookcase. it's not a lot, but it's one bookcase more than none. so i feel good.

and tomorrow's another day.