Sunday, July 29, 2012

i blog every day..... my mind. 

all through my day i have moments and I think "ooh, this is fun/scary/interesting/unusual/sweet, etc" and in my mind I "write" a blog. but. then life gets in the way. work, commute, friends, dog, reading, learning, etc. all stuff I *want* to do, don't get me wrong. but i want to do this, TOO. my hat is off to those who write's really a big commitment. i won't say I've failed. i just haven't succeeded yet.

the good news is i haven't gotten to the finish line yet. there's still at least one more chance to really dig in and give it a go.

so here i go.

didn't leave the property today. didn't put on a bra or brush my teeth. i was in sorta cleaning sorta organizing mode. put out a couple boxes of free stuff on the sidewalk. cleared out one bookcase. one bookcase. it's not a lot, but it's one bookcase more than none. so i feel good.

and tomorrow's another day.


  1. Oh, my sister. As usual we're on the same wavelength. Only I don't make up blog posts in my mind every day. But I am going to try to blog more. My excuses are pretty much gone now.

    Your pictures are beautiful. You've really found your talent.

  2. I'm trying to convince myself (sprta) that There. Are. No. Excuses.

    I'm the QUEEN of excuses. I can make up reasons even to do things I WANT to do, because I so love having no commitments. Even if they're just personal.

    So. I'm TRYING to...Just Do Stuff. Not let all the negative reasons (aka excuses) take hold of my head (it's too hot, it's too far, it's too inconvenient, etc) and talk me out of doing The Thing. Most times, it's just better To Do The Thing.