Sunday, December 11, 2011

i hate blogs.

i hate blogs.

not really. but sometimes i hate the way they make me feel. Like my life, home, wardrobe, hair, pantry, are all LACKING. i read many of the same blogs you do. the ones depicting fashionable chic-sters, charming homes, peaceful loving lives, gracious home-cooked meals, stories of fun times spent with friends and loved ones. and not that I *don't* have any of those things in my life...but blogs are sort of like the photo in a personal ad...that one instant, frozen in time, when you look most like the person you *wish* you really were. The lighting, composition, exposure - all the planets were aligned and for one that moment, Life Looked Perfect. And it's so easy to feel envious (for me anyway), and covet that OTHER life, that PERFECT life, that LOVELY life...and it's so easy to forget that a blog is just a snapshot...and not a 24/7 documentary...and we're not seeing all the mess Behind the Scenes and All The Takes Lying on the Cutting Room Floor.

My life doesn't look like this.

It looks like THIS. 


And sometimes I forget that *I* have the occasional perfect moment, too. And SOMETIMES my life looks like THIS 

or this

Sometimes I forget to be thankful for what I have. Usually. Usually I forget to be thankful for what I have. I get so caught up in what I *don't* have. Sigh. 

I don't hate blogs. They're nice to look at. Sometimes they inspire me to be better, do better, make more effort. But sometimes I'm just too tired old worn-out....lazy (note: truth) to TRY. And that's not the blogs' fault. That's MY fault. 

(I dedicate this blog-post to my friend Stacey.)


  1. Glad to see you back! The picture of Kate is amazing.
    I'm sure you know I feel exactly the same way. Some blogs make me feel so inadequate. Inferior. Like what's wrong with me that I can't take a picture of one area in the house without cropping out the mess 6" away, much less give a whole house tour or even a room tour. And those friend get-togethers where everybody is laughing, perfectly coiffed, skinny and dressed oh, so fashionably. We have a few get togethers throughout the year and I'm the fat one with the goofy look on my face. But the blogs do inspire me to be better than I am. Even if the goal is as unrealistic as an uber skinny model.

  2. I will so look forward to new blog entries from you! Love your photos - you are genius with a camera!!

  3. I'm glad you're back. I hang onto your every word. No, really I do! I love taking a peek at your life, seeing the sights of New York, enjoying your furkids, seeing your daughter grow up from cheerleader to beautiful woman and hearing the love in your voice when you talk about R. Your life is a journey that you intimately share with The Dock and we're better people because of it.

  4. Aww, Cindy, what nice things to say! And with 8 fingers, no less!

  5. I think your little world is fabulous! I love reading and seeing how you live. It is so different from the way I live.. and I love to see the differences. I love knowing that if I ever was stuck on the East Coast you'd come help me. Love You Miss Bettye!