Wednesday, July 8, 2009

change of plans

so, today's model rescheduled and the shoot didn't happen. so i did a little extra thrifting this afternoon.

leaving the first thrift store, got in my car, was just putting on the seat belt, turning on the radio, and a guy comes out from the store, walking quickly towards my car. comes to the driver's side window. tells me i left my child's sneakers on the counter. "thank you, but they're not my sneakers." they're not, he asks? then he goes on to tell me who i am, and that he knows me - aren't you linda, married to max the mechanic in wantagh and you used to go to my gym, don't you remember me?? Uhm, no, no, no, and no. He's pretty insistent that I *do* know him and that he definitely recognizes me. asks where I work, where i live, where i hang out...he's pleasant enough, doesn't speak the english all that well, but he doesn't seem scary, so i'm content enough to chat for a few minutes...but then, "so give me your phone number and we'll be friends." yeah, i don't think so. "you're SURE they're not your sneakers??" yeah, no, gotta go, see ya later, bye.

who knows, maybe that was my prince charming, and i just blew him off. a diamond in the rough that i was too blind to see. we certainly apparently have a history and a lot in common.

oh well. here's what my backyard looks like this week



  1. Such pretty pictures! I love how the second to last leaf looks like a heart!

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  3. Lisa - sweet, right?? There's this crazy weedy viney bush that looks like nothing all year then in May June it bursts into a cloud of teeny tiny single petaled white roses, So Sweet! They're all over the roadsides and fences on Long Island, like that blue plumbago is in SoCal. I let mine stay as wild as it wants all year, just so I can have that glorious bloom time...