Thursday, October 10, 2013

a change is in the air

I've been sick much of the past week. Missed some work. Missed doing some fun things. Have fallen behind on other things. I owe people stuff. But today I just needed to get out. Outside. With my boy. And walk in the quiet woods. Slowly. He's still not quite right from the Lyme's disease. And I'm still huffing and puffing and coughing as soon as I exert myself even a little bit. But we just needed a quiet walk. And tomorrow I'll get back to normal. But today was nice. Seeing the hint of autumn in the woods. Feeling it in the air. Nice. The change feels good.


  1. Stunning photos my friend. I love love LOVE the one of your pup with the leaf on his forehead. Now I need to go for a walk! ;) xo

    (sorry if this is repeat comment... I had trouble getting the last one to submit!)

  2. I think he'd like to be an Indian dog, and the red leaf seemed appropriate somehow. thanks for visiting, and no worries on the double comment, i only see one!


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