Monday, September 2, 2013

ch-ch-ch-changes.... Part I

I mentioned some changes in my life over the past year, and that I'd "get back to that." 

Change is good. change is exciting and about growth. But it's mostly just those good things when the change is at *my* hand. I had a significant change thrust upon me last September that I was not too happy about. The Brooklyn brownstone that I'd called home for over two years was sold out from under me. I was told by my landlady at the last minute, so I had only 30 days to get out (gah), and was *totally* unprepared for a move - financially and otherwise. With a 50-lb dog and two cats, poor credit, and no money to put down, it's *very* hard to find an apartment in Brooklyn (or anywhere!). Rents in Bushwick had gone through the roof while I was living there, and I could no longer afford *anything* there. With little time and fewer options, returning to Long Island was the only thing I could do.

Moving from the suburbs of Long Island to Brooklyn in 2010 had been a huge change for me...but one that I'd looked forward to for YEARS...I'd been excited about it, planned for it, dreamed of was *my* change. It was *my* big adventure.

And I LOVED living in Brooklyn. It is always interesting and entertaining and active and vibrant and energetic, at all times of the day or night. I could be a single person there and not feel so *alone.*

But at the time I had no choice but to come back. To the suburbs. Out in Suffolk County. Close to work, but far from friends and the things I enjoy doing. This change really lay heavy on my heart. In the beginning I promised myself it would only be for six months. I'd get back on my feet and return to Brooklyn, or at least to Nassau County, closer to *my* things. But here it is - another September has rolled around and I'm still in the same spot. 

Let me just say this - this apartment was a saving grace when I needed one. They let me and my animals in when I had no money to put down and poor credit that had been rejected by the other places I tried. Mr & Mrs Landlord are super nice, I work with their son, Mr Landlord gives me tomatoes from his garden and I dog-sit for them when they travel. 


But. I feel very isolated. That was the feeling that motivated me to leave Long Island in the first place. So. And that isolation wears on me. 

But for now...for reasons financial and canine (this is a good place for Caleb as he ages - he can walk right out the door to the yard, no steps or elevator...and there are several very good nearby places we can sneak into dog-friendly spots that we visit a lot), this is where we'll stay. I'm trying to let go of the *temporary* mindset and finally focus on making this our *home.*

Stay tuned for Change #2....

(all photography by me, except for the first picture of me and my daughter - taken by random guy on the Brooklyn Promenade)


  1. Wow. That's a big step using the word permanent. But a good one. I've been thinking of our house as temporary for the laet 25 years. Reluctant to spend a lot of money on it. Not good.

    As usual your photos are wonderful.

    Hey, that sister thing? We've proved it again. I have a top very similar to the one you're wearing in the picture with Kate. :-)

  2. Ha, did I say permanent?? I didn't mean PERMANENT permanent, that sounds so...permament. I meant "for the time being" permanent. Ha. But yeah, I need to settle in for a bit.

    Thanks for visiting!