Sunday, September 9, 2012

last days of summer

it's so hard at this time of year to give up the dream of summer...relaxing in the warm sun, feet buried in the cool damp sand...the occasional dip in the ocean to cool one expects anything of you at the beach. it's just total relaxation and escape from real life. nothing else is quite like it.

these last days are a little bittersweet. the usual crowds are absent. everything's a little quieter and slower...only the die-hards still remain, refusing to let go. enjoying every last drop of summer.

i'm not ready to let go.


  1. Thanks. What is bittersweet for me now, is that was the last time I was at Rockaway Beach before Sandy hit, wreaking destruction, less than two months later. That section of boardwalk I stood on to take the last shot of the surfer laying on the sand below, is totally gone. :-(

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