Friday, February 24, 2012

under the weather

I was back in my old neighborhood this morning to take Caleb to the vet, and afterwards I didn't feel up yet to making the long drive back to Brooklyn. So we spent some time down at the little Islip town beach.

The vet visit was inconclusive...they gave me some meds for him for an upset tummy...doing x-rays was cost-prohibitive at this point...and he seems a little better than he did when I first realized he was not right.

I've also been under the weather (such an odd expression! aren't we *always*, in fact "under" the weather??) lately. Nothing that serious, but *very* painful and depressing...and I have started to schedule my life around pain, not a good way to live. So I finally put my big girl panties on and went to see a doctor...and then another doctor...and while nothing they've given me so far has made a lick of difference (though it *has* COST several hundred dollars!), I do have a little procedure scheduled for Monday afternoon and HOPEFULLY that will take care of this. Because, in case you didn't know....PAIN SUCKS.

So, Monday while I'm white-knuckling through the procedure...I'll be pretending to be this seagull I saw today...just effortlessly floating "above" the weather....

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