Tuesday, December 7, 2010

good and bad and everything in between

Last week kicked my butt. Not to rehash it...cuz I'd really like to just
forget it and move on, but...suffice it to say...car towed - $800 to get it
back, two funerals, and an unexpected road trip. On the bright side, I saw an
old dear friend for the first time in many years and he looks much happier than
he's been in a long time, I got to spend a little unexpected time with my
daughter, and a new event at the school where I work was a smashing success. So
- the good equaled the bad, I'd say, but overall it was exhausting. And what I
wish for this week is Nothing Out of The Ordinary! Just to get back to work,
catch up on some sleep, do some fun things.

Tonight when I walked the dog I grabbed the camera and the 50mm lens even
though it was dark out...so this is just A Walk Around My Block in the Dark.

home again. home again.


  1. I'm very sorry you had such a bad week, but happy that you came through. Your photos are amazing. I love the way you softened the lights, then ended with the open, welcoming, sharply focused pink door. Your photos tell a story as much as your words did. Santa's gonna bring me my dream camera (I hope) and I can't wait to see what my world looks like through the different lenses. Hugs!

    Love & Blessings,


  2. Are you in NYC? I will be there next week!

  3. Marion, I'm excited for you to have your dream camera, and can't wait to see some images from you!

    Julie, I live in Brooklyn, that's where these photos were taken. What brings you to NY - fun or work? Or fun?