Tuesday, December 29, 2009

thrifting delights!

Yesterday my daughter and her friend and I headed out-of-state for a little
thrifting jaunt. It was fun to go altogether. My daughter did Quality Control
on items I put in the "maybe" pile, while her friend guessed at places of
origin - to her, everything looked "Guatemalan," or "Nordic," or "Old South,"
and she was right!

Eventually, though, they sunk to the floor, leaned against some boxes warmed
by the sun coming through the windows, and fell asleep, leaving me alone to my
love of digging through piles and piles of wonderful vintage clothing!

I spent this morning sorting it all out...

things that need stain control, things to save for spring,
things that need mending, things that need shortening...

pretty things

things that just need a quick wash'n'press

things that are cute!

things that need hangers.

the piles got bigger and bigger...

and I DEF had Valentine's Day on my mind as I

these will all be listed in the next couple
weeks, so watch for shop updates

in all, a good day and a good haul!