Friday, November 13, 2009

what's new in the dragonfly shop 11/14/09-11/21/09

here's a preview of everything that will be listed tomorrow
(Saturday) was great to finally be able to shoot again, even though I
don't really have the studio set up's going to take some creative
arranging to fit! but I'm happy to be on my way again  :-)

check them out tomorrow night at
Dragonfly Vintage


  1. ack! does anyone know how I can avoid having my pictures cut almost in half??

  2. Um - I thought you did it on purpose, it looks kinda cool.... No idea how to fix it -has something to do with the width of the "area" as defined in your template. I had to fix it on one of my blogs, but I basically just changing stuff until it loked okay..with no real idea of what I was doing.

  3. Can't help with templates, sorry. Have loved looking at vintage shops when I visited Melbourne - there were so many there - we must have one or two here.